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Accessibility News

Where to Get a Ramp

Wood Ramps:

Using the proper plans, any qualified local handyman should be able to construct a wood ramp. Be sure to check for, and comply with, all applicable local building codes.


Check our Contractor's Corner page for our recommendations. We will be adding names to that list on a regular basis, so check back often.


Aluminum Ramps
Portable Ramps
Threshold Ramps
Galvanized Steel Wheelchair Ramps
Concrete Deck Wheelchair Ramps
Van Ramps
Non Skid Treads


There are organizations that build free ramps for people who would not otherwise be able to afford a ramp. To see a state-by-state listing of groups who build free ramps click here.


Call us at (847) 680-7700 for detailed professional help and to arrange to have a ramp designed and installed.

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