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Equine Assisted Therapy for disabled individuals has been popular for over 40 years.
The challenge has always been finding a safe and effective way to allow people with mobility issues to mount a horse.


Types of Mounting Devices:

- Mounting Steps -

Also known as "mounting blocks" these are portable steps made of plastic with non-skid material on each step. These are fine for individuals who have close to normal mobility but suffer from other disabilities.


- Wooden Ramps -

Many Therapeutic Riding Centers construct permanent wooden mounting ramps. While these are certainly functional, they suffer from a few drawbacks:

bullet  Weight - A ramp system large enough to support a wheelchair and helpers is going to be very heavy.
bullet  Portability - A wooden system is a permanent installation. You had better be very sure of where you want the ramp when you build it.
bullet  Walking surface - Wood ramps have a tendency to offer poor traction. Conventional enhancements such as grip tape or special paints lose their effectiveness almost immediately as they get covered with dirt and other foreign matter from the mounting area. Wood surfaces are also almost impossible to clean.


- Portable Aluminum Mounting Ramps -

A portable aluminum ramp is your best option:

bullet  Weight - Weight isn't an issue with an aluminum ramp. They are modular in nature, so each part can be easily handled by 2 people working together.
bullet  Portability - An aluminum mounting ramp can be stored in pieces and transported in the back of a pickup truck. It can be assembled wherever it is needed in 3 minutes by 2 people without any tools or special skills.
bullet  Walking surface - An aluminum mounting ramp has the same non-slip walking surface used in ramp systems for homes and businesses. The surface requires no special treatment or maintenance and can be cleaned completely with a garden hose.


- The Handi-Ramp Horse Mounting Ramp -

bullet  For more information on horse mounting ramps click here.
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Horse Mounting Ramp Specifications (PDF)

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