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Ramps for Vehicles

Vehicle ramps, (also referred to as "Van Ramps") fall into 2 basic categories:

1) Mounted
2) Detached


Mounted Van Ramps:

Mounted van ramps make the ramp easy to deploy. They usually have an easy-to-use manual mechanism or a motorized mechanism to get them into position. Little or no effort is required to position the ramp for use, and the ramp essentially "stores itself".

Mounted van ramps are typically permanently attached to either the side door or rear door area of a van. These ramps must be bolted securely to the vehicle. Some have a "split" design that allows other passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Some make the ramp the only way in and out of that particular opening, and that door can't be used at all as an entrance or exit until the ramp is folded down for use.

Mounted Van Ramp

It's a very good idea to have this type of ramp professionally installed.


Detached Van Ramps:

Detached van ramps are basically portable ramps designed specifically to get wheelchairs and scooters into vans.

The most popular and economical form of detached van ramp is the Track Ramp. These are made of 2 separate narrow ramps that are placed parallel to each other.

Detached Van Ramp

There are 2 main advantages of this type of ramp:

bullet  Portability - The individual tracks are relatively light weight and easy to carry and store.
bullet  The person pushing the chair up and down the ramp can walk between the tracks, providing better leverage and safety.


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